We can help simplify and automate the recordkeeping of your corporate finances which would provide the following benefits:

- Ensure completeness, accuracy and consistency of the corporate records
- Shorten the turn-around time
- Monitor corporate finances to timely update your tax obligations
- Leave you more time to concentrate on more important priorities (i.e. family, well deserved rest, career, etc.)

Piece of Mind
Very few of us trully like to deal with tax matters and even less enjoy interactions with the tax authorities.

Stay Proactive...
Good quality and relevant service requires careful review of your tax position. There is no need to explain the importance of prevention.

Why suffer the unpleasant consequences of being forced to react if you can be proactive…

Those “reactions” are usually costly and time consuming not to mention quite stressful. With proper planning and adequate documentation they can be managed with minimal involvement from the client or avoided altogether.
  • Preparation of Personal Tax Returns
  • Employment Income from Residency
  • Prepare a Projected Tax Plan based on self-employed income after residency
  • Preparation of Personal Tax Returns
  • Self-employed Income
  • Tax efficient means of:
    • Paying of student loan
    • Buying a house
  • Prepare a cost-benefit analysis and explore the tax advantages of incorporation
  • Prepare Articles of Incorporation
  • Prepare and file annually the application for the Certificate of Authorization for the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario
  • Prepare employment agreements
  • Prepare partnership agreements if required
  • Setup an accounting system for financial reporting
  • Prepare financial statements and file corporate tax returns
  • Prepare and update minute book for resolutions
  • Prepare personal tax returns and projections
  • Prepare projected tax plan based on personal and corporate income
  • Prepare corporate and personal tax installment schedule