A Message from Dr. Peter Graves

Why does a fellow physician care about a tax strategy?

As a doctor, I realize that the most valuable thing I have to offer to both my patients and my family is my time. Time is our most precious commodity, and between the amount we pour into our work and the amount we save for our families, very little remains with which to tackle the daunting task of managing a business. Our medical practices are businesses, and as such need constant upkeep that an exhausted physician simply cannot provide. As a result, we wallow in the status quo.

Proactive Tax Planning for Physicians and Dentists Inc. has been created to address this problem, with a focus on issues that are unique to physicians. My involvement with Proactive Tax is in the role of providing insight into these unique matters from a physician’s perspective.

I have known Marcel for over 20 years, and in that time he has always endeavored to simplify my life by working with me to tailor a personalized tax strategy. In doing what he does best, I can focus on what I do best. Marcel has taken the time to study and learn the complexities of running a medical practice, as well as the time to understand my personal situation. In so doing we were able to develop a proactive and strategic financial roadmap that not only minimized my tax burden, but also ensured that I would meet all of my tax responsibilities in advance, so as to avoid any unexpected year-end tax owed.

As my life situation changes, so should the tax strategy that applies to it. With this notion in mind, we proactively laid out a plan that would keep me on top of my finances for decades to come. Having the peace of mind that my financial well-being is looked after by someone whom I trust, and whom I’m confident can see the big picture as I envision it, has rid me of diversions from my work and family.

Like a good family doctor who has known you from cradle to grave, Proactive Tax will see you taken care of for life. By looking at your unique, individual needs in conjunction with your projected career arc, your tax strategy will proactively be adjusted to the various stages of your life.

My endorsement is based on my own positive experience and I wish the same success for you.

Dr. Peter Graves